About Us

Quality Organic Products is a Composting/Soil Mixing facility in Selma, TX. We provide custom soil mixers for both small and large projects. We have our own Topsoil Pit, our own unique Vegetable Compost, Mulches, River Rock, Flagstone, Chopped Block and more! Additionally, we have several varieties of soil mixes from Screened and Unscreened regular topsoil, to Four-Way mixes, to Rose Mix, Garden Plus and even Lawn Dressing. Since soil and composition and PH can vary greatly in this region, we can also offer advice on what soil mix you might want to use in a specific location.

All of our mulches are made in-house, including dyed mulches and composted mulches. We also have Cedar and Native Mulches. All of our mulches are a fine double grind. Upon request we can also do triple or single grind.

Our vegetable compost is unique in this area and avoids the most common composting methods of using human sewer sludge and other bio products which can include such things as pharmaceuticals and heavy metals. We get several trucks weekly delivering fresh, still cold vegetables, from multiple suppliers of local grocery chains. We also have a horse based manure compost.

We currently supply some of the largest landscape contractors in San Antonio with their material requests. Milberger’s Nursery in San Antonio is one of our larger customers, along with Fertile Gardens (now Stone and Soils Organic Yard), which is one of the largest retailer of compost and soil products to residential and small landscape companies in San Antonio. Our products are well known and trusted by local contractors. We also have our own fleet of Semi Trucks and Tandem Trucks for Delivery.