Replacing Mulch

Replacing Mulch Or Just Add On Top?

Do you want to replace your mulch with new mulch? Or add on top?

At the beginning of spring, check to see how much mulch you have left. This will give you an idea on how much you will need to buy. 

If you are replacing light mulch with the same brand light mulch you don’t have to remove it. You can place on top of the existing mulch. If you are using dark mulch you could remove it and replace it. However, you do not have to. 

There is a possibility of mulch knitting together that starts to mat. Matted mulch can reduce the rain and sunlight from soaking through and feeding the plant or tree roots. 

At this point you can use a rake and fluff it up and then add the new mulch. If the current mulch has developed mold or fungus  it will need to be removed or treated. For more information on how to purchase a garden, to grow food-security during these uncertain times contact Gardopia.